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Joe Crachiola
Waiting for Breakfast
Cass Corridor, Detroit, Michigan; November 1989

From the Postcards from Home exhibition
The Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery
Detroit, Michigan

Joseph Crachiola, a native of Detroit, lives year-round on a sailboat on the Detroit River. "Photography has been my profession and my personal passion for thirty some years," says Crachiola. "I see my work as a bridge between my inner and outer self, and between me and my fellow man. It visually explains our common humanity, and, perhaps, shows us where we fit in the larger physical world. Having said that, I occasionally make images of subject matter that are not pleasant to look at."

"I hope this work will serve in some small way as a catalyst for change. I suppose this is terribly idealistic, and perhaps even a bit egotistical ­ but so be it. I believe art should cause us to think and question."

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.