My name is Paul and I was born in our Lady of
Lords Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.
stop.stop.stop.stop stop.stop.stop.stop
I need some time(stop) My best characteristic
is my taste in socks and my worst is my sense of

(stop) I consider vacation time to be valuable.

(stop) I spend my time thinking about how I'm
going to spend my time.
I am satisfied..stop.

My worst experience was when I was a kid and I
wiped out on my Stingray. These two Thumbelina
girls stared at me and chanted my name. I never
saw them again. I probably imagined it but it
was very scarey!

My best experience was when I hit a homerun in
little league in the fifth grade. My name is Paul.

Yes. I am statisfied with myself and my life.

No. I cannot define happiness.
I spend my time thinking

(stop)My goal is to make rice that doesn't stick.

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Sherry Gabbard

From the Dirty White Vinyl exhibition at the Woodward Avenue Brewers
Ferndale, Michigan

Sherry Gabbard is an award winning fine art and freelance photographer based in Detroit. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including American Photography and Graphis. Passionate about photography, she uses it as a method of self-expression: intimate and very often dark. Much of her imagery circles issues of identity, dysfunction and sexuality with a universal perspective. "Paul" is from a series of photographs and interviews entitled "Dirty White Vinyl" that peers into the dynamic of how people reveal themselves to the world. Sherry exhibits often and has an active professional career.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.