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Stephen Graham
Humanity Emerging

From the Alleys and Museums exhibition
Matrix Gallery at the Sweetwaters Café
Ann Arbor, Michigan

For more than 30 years, Stephen Graham has made his living as a professional location photographer. During that time he has remain active in both his personal and professional photographic work. His photographs reflect the unbridled passion of youth. Graham says he creates images only for the love of it.

Graham's work has appeared in many galleries and museums, including an exhibition celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Northwestern Michigan College at the Dennos Museum Center. He has also shown his work at the Matrix Gallery, the Swann Gallery, the Scarab Club Gallery, and other sites in the Midwest and New York City.

In 1991, this photograph of his son graced the cover of the American Society of Media Photographers major publication Ten Thousand Eyes, which celebrated the work of many of this country's best commercial and industrial photographers. The image was enhanced for the book's cover by Kodak's then, very new, high end digital process. This process produced a large format transparency that produced a spectacular book cover and the resulting print you see.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.