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Patricia Izzo
Wild Ponies

This image was taken on a hot, late August day, while the children were running under the sprinkler in a backyard.
They jumped onto the Mustang and screamed in delight, unaware of a camera or a photographer.
This image is part of an ongoing Childhood series, capturing the undaunted spirit of pure play.

From the Vision Times 2 exhibition at the Patricia Izzo Studio/Gallery
Wyandotte, Michigan

After earning her MFA from Northern Michigan University, Patricia Izzo went on to win numerous local and regional awards for her work. She was awarded the Gold Medal in color photography in the prestigious 30th Annual Michigan Photographic Exhibition in 1999, and a Gold Medal in 1996 for black-and-white photography in the 27th Exhibition. Along with her many awards, Izzo has had numerous shows; her work also appeared in a Woman's Day Magazine's Home Décor edition.

"This photograph is from my 'Childhood Series,'" says Izzo. "In it, I catch children who are having so much fun that they are unaware of my camera. I capture the undaunted spirit of pure play."

Having recently lost a great deal of her personal work in a catastrophic fire that took place in a shared gallery and artists space, she feels that her absolute dedication to the community of art and her deep spiritual sense has kept her active and on a firm rebound.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.