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Balthazar Korab
Sartogo's Sea
Rome, Italy; 1967

Sartogo, a contemporary architect, had this small pool on his penthouse that
inspired this framing of a great Roman panorama.
Published in "Tetti di Roma" (1972),
Korab's major book on the roofscapes of Rome.

From A Life in Photography at the Balthazar Studio
Troy, Michigan

"I am an architect with a passion for nature's lessons and man's interventions," says architectural photographer Balthazar Korab. Having obtained degrees in architecture and art history, Korab is fluent in English, Hungarian, French, Italian and German. Born in Budapest, Korab is a naturalized US citizen and resides in suburban Detroit.

His achievements span the globe and his activities include lecturer, juror, critic and educator. Korab is known for the many books that carry his name: Cranbrook, Campus Guide; Frank Lloyd Wright, A Gatefold Portfolio; and the Smithonian Guide to Historic America are but three of the 19 that been published both here and abroad. His photographic work has been seen in dozens of exhibits and is found in numerous collections including The Detroit Institute of Arts, Chase Manhattan Collection, and Centre Canadien d'Architecture in Montreal.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.