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Edward "Robbi" Roberson
Tired Marchers Sleep on the Streets ­ "We were tired.we were tired."
Selma, Alabama; 1963

From the It Happened in Detroit exhibition at the Detroit Public Library
Detroit, Michigan

Edward "Robbie" Roberson admits that he loves taking pictures ­ and will continue to do so as long as he's physically able. Self-taught, Roberson first began taking pictures with a camera he bought at a pawn shop when he was 12 years old. The first professionally published photograph he took was for Jet. It pictured the body of Emmett Till, a young black man who was killed in the South for having whistled at a white woman.

Since those early days, Roberson has gone on to work for various publications, including the Michigan Chronicle. His photographs featuring Motown's musical icons (and those striving or on their ways to becoming established entertainers); most of the important figures in America's civil rights movement; a host of national celebrities; and numerous local and national politicians made Roberson a fixture in Detroit society and news. A true Detroit treasure, Roberson is admired and respected by his peers.

Ed Roberson passed away on January 4, 2002

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.