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Miri Stebivka
Epernay, France; 1999

From the Organic exhibition at the Inn Season Café
Royal Oak, Michigan

Miri Stebivka was born in England to émigré parents from Ukraine. When he was in his 20s, he moved from the small Midland town of Wolverhampton to London, to pursue a career in music. Scenes of everyday life inspired his sensitive eye, and, without any formal training, Stebivka began photographing and printing his own black-and-white images. Through a commercial assignment in London, England, he was led to what eventually became his "Organic" collection: fine prints, focusing mainly on black-and-white photographs of fruits and vegetables, useing close-up techniques to explore form and texture.

In his early thirties, Stebivka and his wife, Darka, moved to New York City. Manhattan provided lavish subject matter that further enriched his love for photography. The couple moved to Michigan in 2000, where his first two exhibitions were part of the Detroit Focus 2000 Festival of Photography.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.