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Todd Weinstein
Torah in Auschwitz

This photograph was taken at the 50th year anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The photograph is part of the exhibition titled The Thirty-six Unknown.

In Kabbalistic folklore, the thirty-six hidden ones have the potential to save the world.
They appear when they are needed, and one of them might be the Messiah.
They come at times of great peril, called out of their anonymity and humility by the necessity to save the world.
Because they can, and because we need them.
It could be the person we least suspect, because the thirty six,
like all the sustaining notions of the world in the Kabbalah, are hidden.
They may appear, they may not appear. In each generation, we look for them everywhere.

This exhibition, sponsored by University of Michigan Hillel, was
a Commemoration of the 62nd Anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Exhibited at The University of Michigan Union Art Lounge
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Todd Weinstein, born and raised in the Detroit metro area, has been a professional photographer for more than thirty years. Throughout his active and successful commercial career, he has mounted many exhibitions, lectured around the world, published articles, and won several national and international awards and honors.

In 1994 Weinstein was invited by the German government to be an artist-in-residence; that honor has turned into both a critically acclaimed collection called "Darkness into Light: The Re-emergence of Jewish Culture in Germany, and "The Thirty-Six Unknown," a work of healing for people of all nationalities and religious convictions. The Thirty-Six Unknown, was recently published.

Todd is one of photography's most giving people, who freely gives his enthusiasm, expertise, and time to students and other photographers from here and abroad. He has lived and worked in New York City near Gramercy Park for over twenty years. Detroit Focus is grateful for his important contribution to Detroit Focus 2000.

This photograph is copyrighted by the photographer.